The Art of Sculpture

  • On 2017. 10. 01


브루스 가니에 개인전

종로구 창성동 122-12, 2층
2017. 10. 13. 금 – 10. 29. 일
화 – 일 11am – 6pm
오프닝: 10. 13. 금 6pm – 9pm

토마스 파크에서 브루스 가니에의 전시 <The Art of Sculpture>를 개최한다. “조각은 우리에게 이 세계 안에 존재한다는 것이 어떤 것인지 가르쳐준다.” 미술관을 돌아보면 전시된 조각의 대부분이 인체를 형상화한 것이라는 것을 알 수 있다. 인간의 형상을 양감과 무게를 갖는 형태로 빚어 공간 속에 위치시킬 때 우리는 인체의 3차원적 실존을 경험할 수 있게 된다. 그리고 동시에 조각상이라는 실물, 미적 개체와 마주하게 된다.
브루스 가니에는 인체를 형상화하는 조각가이다. 그는 완벽한 인체의 이미지를 구현하지도, 특정한 개인의 인체를 모방하지도 않는다. 가니에는 해부학적 구조를 넘어 인간의 내면에 천착한다. 헤겔이 고전 조각이 “ 영성이 특정한 질료를 통해 스스로를 상상하는 기막힌 작업”이라고 한 것처럼, 가니에는 인간의 내면을 조각적 구조와 형태로 끌어내는 일에 집중한다. 가니에는 끊임없이 미술사의 전통과 대화하는 작가이고, 그의 조각은 프락시텔레스의 균형과 조화에서 로마네스크 조각이 가진 순진함과 어색함, 도나텔로의 자연주의와 마티스의 조형성, 들라크르와의 인간적 격정과 관능, 그리고 쟈코메티의 금욕적 깊이감까지 맛보게 하며, 우리를 모든 시대와 장소로 데려가 머물게 한다.

Opening hours : 2017. 10. 13. Fri – 10. 29. Sun
11am-6pm Tue – Sun
Changseong-dong, 122-12, 2F
Opening reception : 10. 13. Fri 6pm – 9pm
Info : 82-10-9429-1691

Thomas Park Gallery is pleased to present Bruce Gagnier’s solo exhibition <The Art of Sculpture>. “Sculpture teaches us what it means to be in the world.” In museums, we notice that the subject of most sculptures is the human body. We could see representations of ourselves being placed and existing in space through figure sculptures. Then, we encounter the sculpture itself, a material entity built with esthetic thoughts and decisions.

Bruce Gagnier is a sculptor whose subject matter is the human figure. He does not try to perfect images of the human body, nor does he intend to portray a specific person. Gagnier not only knows human anatomy, but also ponders on the inner life. As Hegel said the classical sculpture had conceived “the astounding project of making Spirit imagine itself in an exclusively material medium,” Gagnier focuses on bringing out inner life to the structure and surface. Gagnier is a kind of artist who always converses with the histories of art, hence the vestiges of other times. From the balance and solidity of Praxiteles, the awkwardness and innocence of Romanesque sculptures, the naturalism of Donatello, the eros and turbulence of Delacroix, to ethical esthetics of Giacometti, Gagnier’s figures dare to take us to all places and time.


Bruce Gagnier (born 1941) studied art history at Williams College (1959-63) and went on to attend the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture (1963) and Columbia University (1963-67), where he studied with Nicholas Carone, Peter Agostini and John Heliker. Most recently, Gagnier received a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2016, also he was the recipient of the Arts and Letters Award in Art from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 2014. In 2004, he was elected Academician by the National Academy, and is the recipient of the Ingram Merril Award (1993) and the New Jersey State Council Award (1985). Gagnier’s teaching career includes positions at Yale University, Sarah Lawrence, Parsons, Haverford College and the International School of Art in Umbria, Italy. Between 1979-2017, he taught drawing and sculpture at the New York Studio School. He currently on occasion does criticism at the New York Academy of Figurative Art as a Visiting Critic and from time to time teaches the Master Class on the human figure. Gagnier lives and works in Brooklyn.